New Year’s Day 2012.

Editor’s Notes

This is an extra Sunday issue of this webcomic.

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↓ Transcript
Man: I'm excited! It's New Year's Day! Friends of mine, how is everybody?

Voice: My head hurts!

Voice: Achh! I feel sick!

Voice: Why's the room spinning?

Man: My friends are still recovering from New Year's Eve. They will be useless for a while. Let's see who else is up this cheery morning.

Man: Hey news media! Any lessons from 2011?

Voice: Don't buy a house you can't afford.

Man: That's from 2006!

Voice: Actually it's from 1933. We're not finding much new.

Man: Hey financial sector! Any advice for 2012?

Voice: Buy low, sell high.

Man: Gee! Thanks.

Man: Hey tech blogs! Any falsifiable predictions for 2012?

Voice: Falsifiable? That's not even a word.

Voice: Bing will grow or probably shrink.

Voice: Google will win or lose.

Man: I think I'll just go back to bed. Somebody wake me up in time for 2013.

Title: New Year's Day 2012.