Cloud Migration.

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↓ Transcript
Presenter: As your CEO, I'm proud to set a new direction for our company.

Presenter: Upgrading our desktops would have cost $10 million.

Presenter: Instead, we will migrate to the cloud for only $1 million.

Presenter: That leaves $9 million for employee bonuses!

Crowd: Yay! Yay!

Presenter: Our cloud provider has persuaded me that upgrading our desktop OS first will give us improved TOC and enhanced cloud sharing.

Second Man: I'll have my staff get the desktop upgrades started right away.

Desktop upgrade licenses
AMOUNT DUE = $10 million

Presenter: Members of the board, our upgraded desktops make the cloud superfluous.

Presenter: Not migrating to the so-called cloud will save us $1 million.

Board declares $25 million bonus for CEO who saved company $1 million by not migrating to the so-called cloud.