Windows Upgrade.

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↓ Transcript
A woman is sitting at a computer. A man stands behind her.

Woman: Should I click on Windows Update or Windows Upgrade?

Man: Try Upgrade. It means new improved OS, so it should ...

The exterior of a house is seen. It is night time. A powerful-looking dual-rotor helicoptor is seen in the air. In the background, a tall tower-like building shines a searchlight onto the ground.

Voice 1 from house: ... give you Linux.

Voice 2 from house: You're kidding, right?

Voice 1 from house: A man can dream.

Voice 2 from house: No!

In the next scene, a sign in the background says: Windows Matrix HQ. Another sign, which appears to be flashing, says: Anomaly Alert.

A figure, which could be robotic or human, seated at a monitor, is seen.

In the foreground, a mean is seated in a moving mechanical chair.

Figure: Red pill dreamer Mr. Ballmer, Sector 5.

Man: Switch him off.

Title: Windows Upgrade.