Axes Without Labels.

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↓ Transcript
A reduced copy of a previous comic “Difficulty Levels” is seen, consisting of an x-y curve on which are shown along the x-axis from left to right, and increasing in height above the x-axis: a tic-tac-toe game in progress, a chess game in progress, and a stylized heart symbol, all connected by a smooth exponentially-rising curve that becomes dashed as it approaches the heart symbol.

Below this we see in double quotes: “Did you see this comic with the lame x-y plot? No labels on the axes.”

In Panel 2, a woman stands and points to a copy of the same comic. A man stands in the foreground.

Woman: And given the non-numeric and discrete x values, it should have been a bar chart instead of a curve.

Panel 3 shows the man standing and gesturing.

Man: Well, the message is clear. Tic-tac-toe is easy, chess is harder, love is much harder.

Man: And the missing labels are the point. In matters of love, axes often have no labels.

Panel 4 shows the man and the woman similarly situated as in panel 2.

Man: And I would rather my lover showed me her curves than her bar charts.

Woman: I am your lover.

The man is seen slightly stooping and with his head a little lowered.

Man: *Sigh.* Yes.

Title: Axes Without Labels.