Hi I’m a Megan.

↓ Transcript
A: Hi, I'm a Megan.

B: Wrong floor, miss. Go up the glass staircase and into the room with the glass wall...

B: ...and ask for Mac, he should recognize you.

C: Hi, I'm Internet Explorer.

B: Wrong building dude, you want the next one, the one with a lot of windows.

C: And they recommended you take a HEPA mask with you if you can.

B: Any more lost people?

C: I think we can start.

Offscreen voice: Take 1, ACTION!

B: Hi, I'm Firefox.

C: And I'm Chrome.

B and C together: And since you can use us both at the same time, there really is no need to choose between us.

Offscreen voice: Cut! Great shot! Let's get it online!

Title: Hi, I'm a Megan.