How the Web Was Won.

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↓ Transcript
A man in a bowler hat stands and holds an arm out with the elbow up and the hand down.

Another man with short hair sits at a desk, and a sign on the desk says: CEO.

Man in bowler hat: The dot com has bust. We had to lay off all our smart web programmers. Only the stupid ones are left.

Man at desk: Keep going. Our customers aren’t too bright, they won’t notice.

The next panel shows the outline of a computer screen and on it can be seen the text: Enter credit card number.*

Below this is a rectangular box for entering the requested credit card number.

Below the rectangular box is the text: *DO NOT include any blanks. Our web programmers are too stupid to skip blanks.

Below this is the additional text: *DO NOT use the back button. Our server may explode.

Title: How the Web Was Won.