Dinosaur Investments.

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A: I wanted to buy Facebook stock, but they told me only millionnaires are permitted by law to buy pre-IPO stock.

A: They say people like me are too stupid...

A: ...to be trusted with pre-IPO stock! But we can legally blow our money on a crappy used car or go bankrupt on an interest-only mortgage or Yahoo stock!

B: What's he babbling about? I wish he would mumble in a bigger font so I could make sense of it.

A: It makes no sense!

B: It makes perfect sense to us millionnaires.

B: I have Facebook stock, you don't, get used to it.

A: But I have a Ph.D.! And I'm the editor of a dozen featured Wikipedia articles!

B offscreen: Hi Dad! It's me. Your son Dad, remember me? Yes, I'm doing fine. No Dad, I didn't call you just to ask for more money. But now that you mention it...

Title: Dinosaur Investments