CFL Lifetime.

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↓ Transcript
Woman on phone: Hello, I wish to complain about your company’s compact fluorescent light bulbs. The package says lifetime 10,000 hours. But they burn out in weeks.

Voice from phone: Ma’am, we use rigorous statistical methods. Unless you do the same, your results will vary significantly.

In the next panel, the narrator's text reads: Meanwhile, at the CFL factory.

Man with pointer: OK kids, it works like this. This one CFL we keep switched off, lifetime equals a million years. The rest we test until they burn out, oh, in a couple of weeks. We do sigma i=1 to m, and the mean equals 10,000 hours.

Several children are in the audience.

Child 1: Awesome.

Child 2: I love field trips.

Child 3: I want to be a mathematician when I grow up.

Title: CFL Lifetime.