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↓ Transcript
Panel 1 of 3 shows a man exiting a partially-open door above which a sign reads: DATA CENTER. A woman stands nearby.

Man: Big RAID array failure. Our entire 100 TB SQL db is lost!

Woman: Omigod! Please tell me you’re kidding.

Panel 2 shows the same man and woman engaged in conversation. No other objects or background are seen in this panel.

Man: And our backup server caught fire last week and melted.

Woman: What happens now?

Man: Nothing that uses our db.

Woman: But that’s everything!

Man: Update your resume.

Panel 3 shows a bespectacled man standing behind a lectern. An audience is in attendance. In the background a sign reads: Employee Meeting.

Narrator: Meanwhile.

Bespectacled man: As your CEO, I’m proud to announce: We’re keeping up with the times by transitioning from SQL to NOSQL.

Man 1 in audience: *Psst.* What does SQL mean?

Man 2 in audience: I don’t know but “No” means “No.”

Title: Backups.