Worth Taking Home.

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Two women are seated at a table whose table cloth reaches close to the ground. The women are seated on adjacent sides of the table, both roughly facing the viewer. In the foreground, to our left, we see only the head and neck of a man positioned some distance away from the women but still, presumably, within conversation range. Both women are seated at angles such that they can see the man without turning their heads.

In the first few panels the man speaks, as indicated by a solid line, while the women only think to themselves, as indicated by streams of small bubbles.

Panel 1 of 6.

Man (speaking): Great body!

Woman 1 (thinking): My diet must be working.

Woman 2 (thinking): How crude.

Panel 2.

Man (speaking): Aggressive. I like that.

Woman 1 (thinking): Am I showing too much interest?

Woman 2 (thinking): What does he mean??! I didn’t say a word.

Panel 3.

Man (speaking): And bright. And sharp.

Woman 1 (thinking): Magna cum laude! He’s perceptive. And cute.

Woman 2 (thinking): Jerk! Trying to flatter me.

Panel 4.

Man (speaking): Tart!

Woman 1 (thinking): I think he likes me. And yes, I know how to be one.

Woman 2 (thinking): Now he’s insulting me.

Panel 5.

Man (speaking): Worth taking home. Must inquire as to availability.

Woman 1 is seen partially rising up in her chair. Woman 2 has a defiant position in her chair, with hands at her waist.

Woman 1 (speaking in a loud voice): Yes! Take me with you!

Woman 2 (speaking in a loud voice): I’m not that kind of girl!

Panel 6.

This panel shows a wider-angle view. The women are seen in the same pose, but we now see that the man is seated at a table. Adjacent to him is a counter on which a sign reads: Wine Tasting Here.

Two wine bottles and three wine glasses are located on the counter at various places.

On the table at which the man is seated there are two wine bottles. There is a wine glass on the table and another wine glass in the man's right hand. His left arm rests on the table top and reaches slightly forward in the direction of the two women.

Man (speaking): Excuse me? Do I know you ladies?

Title: Worth Taking Home.