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↓ Transcript
Overhead, a sign reads in a decorative font: Linux Summit.

A man stands behind a lectern, leans towards it with some weight, and rests his hands on it. A microphone nearby is mounted on a microphone stand that rests on the floor. An audience is in attendance. The man speaks into the microphone.

Man: The Gnome project will simplify the UI until our simplicity wins over Windows.

The next panel shows the same scene, including the overhead sign, the lectern, the microphone, and the audience, but a woman now stands in place of the man. She gently gestures with her arms as she speaks.

Woman: The KDE project will add menus until we win by sheer weight.

In the third and final panel, the narrator's text reads: Eventually.

Within the panel, only three paragraphs of text are seen. These paragraphs read as follows.

I can barely draw this:

A Gnome settings screen with a single Yes/Later choice.

A KDE settings screen with a maze of menus that stretches miles into the distance.

Title: Divergence.