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↓ Transcript
A man and a woman are seen standing facing each other, the woman with her back towards the viewer.

The man gesticulates with his arms.

Man: Wrong! Precious metals are weighed in Troy units. Hence 10 tons of feathers are heavier than 10 tons of gold.

In the second panel, the woman now stands indignantly with her hands on her waist and with her feet spread apart a little further than before.

Woman: Was that cheap semantic trick worth playing just so you could have a fleeting feeling of smugness?

In the third and final panel, a huge bag is seen falling down. Words on the bag say: Feathers 10 Tons.

A tiny figure of a man, presumably the same one, is seen on the ground below looking up as if preparing to be crushed under the huge bag.

Off-screen voice: On the other hand, you could be right.

Title: Feathers.