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↓ Transcript
Woman standing and holding a gift-wrapped package: Happy birthday! You're gonna love this gift.

Man seated on chair facing away from woman and holding a flat device such as a book or a tablet: How many megapixels?

Woman: Hey! There's more to life than megapixels!

In the next panel the man has turned around and is looking up at the woman.

Man: Of course! Resolution, noise, dynamic range. How many?

Woman: 0.05.

Man: Gigapixels?

Woman: Megapixels.

In the next and final panel, a diamond-shaped object is seen vertically positioned in the backgorund. The woman's head is seen in the foreground.

Woman: It's a tapestry! It took me a year to make.

Off-panel voice: What's this obscure blob in the corner?

Woman: You.

Title: Megapixels.