High Dynamic Range.

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↓ Transcript
A man and a woman are seated at a table on which can be seen a covered pot.

Woman: I cooked this chicken in three batches.

Woman: I cooked the first batch for one minute.

Man (thinking): Omigod she's so cute.

The next panel shows that the lid has been removed from the pot. In front of the man is a dish with something, presumably chicken, on it. The man holds something in his hand, presumably a food item.

Woman: The second I cooked for ten minutes. And the third for one hour.

Man (speaking): It's delicious!

Man (thinking): This tastes awful.

Man (thinking): Omigod she's cute.

The next panel shows the man in a close-up view.

Off-panel voice: I mixed them together to get the full range of flavors.

Man (speaking): Cool recipe! Best chicken ever!

Man (thinking): I'm going to die.

Title: High Dynamic Range.