Apple Maps Apology.

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Inside a cloud-shaped outline, a short-haired man stands with hands on his waist in a defiant position, engaged in conversation with a bespectacled man sitting in a comfortable chair.

Short-haired standing man: Look Tim. If we're really sorry, let's add back Google Maps. Otherwise the apology is just words and I'm not signing it.

Bespectacled seated man: We're not restoring Google Maps. Now sign it or else.

Short-haired standing man: Oh yeah? I'm hereby or elsing you first!

Outside the cloud-shaped outline and to its right the same bespectacled seated man is visible with both hands hands outstretched forward and up. Nearby a woman's head and shoulders are seen.

Bespectacled seated man: GAK! Forstall or elsed me!

Woman: Mr. Cook! You dozed off and had a bad dream.

Bespectacled seated man: I need a calming ride. Get my helicopter ready.

The next panel begins with text from the narrator.

Narrator: Not far off.

A man and a woman are seated in an automobile, the man holding the steering wheel and the woman sitting by his side in the passenger's seat.

Man: We're completely lost.

Man: I told you not to upgrade your IOS.

Woman: Thank-you, Apple.

Woman: Look! A helicopter!

In the next panel we see that the automobile is half-immersed in shallow water, with waves surrounding the automobile and also surrounding a distant island. Birds fly overhead above the island. The water shows the reflection of the island, of the birds, and of a tree that grows on the island. In the sky a helicopter is seen, the sound of the helicopter blades being represented by the repeated word: WHUP! WHUP! WHUP!

Voice 1 from automobile: It's Tim Cook's private helicopter!

Voice 2 from automobile: He must have come to rescue us!

Voice 1 from automobile: Mr. Cook! Help! We're stranded!

The next panel shows a close-up view of the helicopter. The sound of the blades is again shown as: WHUP! WHUP! WHUP!

In the helicopter, faintly visible, is a human figure that holds a megaphone in its hand and points it outside of the helicopter.

Voice from megaphone: Attention! We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused customers.

Voice from megaphone: The more our customers use our Maps the better it will get. Have a good day.

The last panel shows the man and the woman again, still seated inside the automobile. The woman holds a small object in her left hand that could be a smartphone.

Man: He's gone.

Woman: Such a nice man.

Woman: If I keep using Apple Maps, will it improve like he said?

Man: Keep trying. We'll be here for a while.

Title: Apple Maps Apology.