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An irregular object, possibly a newspaper cutting, shows a heading in a decorative font: Florida Infested by Burmese Pythons.

The text below the headline is in two paragraphs in a newspaper font.

First paragraph: Wildlife Commission announces bounty for killing pythons.

Second paragraph: Hunters arrive from all over the country for python challenge.

In the next panel, a semicircular sign hangs overhead, bearing the words: Entering Florida Everglades.

Beneath the sign, a large vehicle is seen.

Voice 1 from vehicle: After driving 4,000 miles, I'm all psyched up to win this challenge.

Voice 2 from vehicle: Me too.

Voice 3 from vehicle: Me too.

In the third and final panel, the driver's cab of a vehicle is seen in the background, with two occupants inside. In the foreground, a man stands on the ground with his hands on his waist. Next to him is a sign.

The sign bears the words: Python Challenge Registration.

Below these words the sign bears an arrow pointing to the right.

Man: We were misinformed. It's a python challenge.

Voice 1 from vehicle: Shit! I spent a week updating my JDK.

Voice 2 from vehicle: I rebuilt IcedTea from source just for this.

Title: Challenge.