Google vs. Bing.

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↓ Transcript
A man and a wavy-haired woman stand in the foreground. A curly-haired woman stands further back in the background.

Man: Tell me your cute friend's full name. I'll Google her.

The next panel shows the wavy-haired woman and the curly-haired woman.

Wavy-haired woman: I gave him your name so he could Google you.

Wavy-haired woman: I hope I did the right thing.

Curly-haired woman: You did.

The third and final panel shows only the curly-haired woman in a close-up view. Her hands are bent outward and upwards.

Curly-haired woman: He did Google me. On the sofa. It was wonderful.

Curly-haired woman: Our third date's coming up. If he wants to Bing me, I'll let him.

Title: Google vs. Bing.