Rigged Slot Machines.

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↓ Transcript
A man is standing next to a slot machine with his hand on its lever. A woman stands nearby.

Man: Darn it! I keep losing. These slot machines must be rigged.

Woman: Impossible. They're all government-certified.

The next panel shows the woman leaning towards and pointing towards a rectangular document stuck to what might be the back of the slot machine. The man stands nearby.

Woman: Look! An inspection sticker. See? You're way too paranoid.

Man: I was just blowing steam. I know they're not rigged.

The third and final panel shows a rectangular document on which can be seen the centered words: Inspection Sticker.

Below these words, in larger type, are seen the centered words: NIST Certification.

Below these are seen the words: Randomness verified.

Next to the above words, and to the right, is a check-box that has been filled in with a check mark.

Title: Rigged Slot Machines.