Affordable Air — I.

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Narrator: In an unspecified future, one big problem is scarcity of clean air.

In the background, chimneys spew out black clouds of smoke.

A small truck has the words on its side: Clean Air $500/litre.

A short-haired man is seen collapsing to the ground.

Short-haired man: *Choke.* Need air! Can't breathe!

Short-haired man: Too expensive!

The next panel shows a man behind a lectern and near a microphone, with both hands excitedly raised in the air.

Man near microphone: We'll create a government website where anybody can buy air at an affordable price.

Off-panel voice 1: Yes!

Off-panel voice 2: Our hero!

Off-panel voice 3: *Gasp* Hurry!

The next panel shows a woman at a laptop computer.

The laptop screen says: Welcome to the Affordable Air website. Finally, air that anyone can afford to buy!

The laptop screen further says: Wait...Connecting...Wait...

Woman: The website keeps timing out!

In the next panel, the planet earth is seen as a sphere.

Voice 1 from planet earth: The Affordable Air website is too slow!

Voice 2 from planet earth: It won't let me register!

Voice 3 from planet earth: They must be doing a lot of processing.

The next panel shows a rectangular building.

Voice 1 from building: Affordable Air requests are coming faster than we can process them!

Voice 2 from building: Let them wait. We must be thorough no matter how long it takes.

The next and final panel begins with the narrator's text.

Narrator: The other big problem is terrorism.

Voice from building: Analyze every Affordable Air transaction carefully.

Same voice from building: We must not let any terrorists sign up for Affordable Air.

Text in corner of panel: To be continued.

Title: Affordable Air -- I.