I Can Barely Draw Staff Meeting — NSA Letter.

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↓ Transcript
In the seven panels of this comic, five people are seen sitting in a meeting at an elongated table. These people are: a straight-haired woman, a first man, a curly-haired woman, a second man, and a third man.

The first man holds an envelope and a letter.

First man: The NSA says their surveillance database is missing our recent webcomic issues.

First man: They want us to send them copies so they can complete the database.

Curly-haired woman: They noticed the missing issues!

Straight-haired woman: We should let them know we were on a break for a few weeks.

Third man: It's nice to know somebody reads our webomic.

First man: They also say:

First man: “We want to reassure you that nobody here reads your comics. We just dump them into our database.”

First man: “We would of course look at the comics only if ordered to do so by the FISA Court.”

Straight-haired woman: Darn.

Second man: Might they be lying?

Third man: I should hope so.

Title: I Can Barely Draw Staff Meeting – NSA Letter.