40 Million Credit Cards — VII.

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Narrator: Talk show.

A first man, presumably clean-shaven, and a second man, who apparently has a beard, sit at a round table. On the table can be seen a microphone and a loudspeaker.

First man: Our guest, Mr. Bruce Schneier, says credit cards ought to use public-key cryptography.

Second man: Then nobody could charge your card without your permission.

First man: An industry representative is on the line with us.

Voice from loudspeaker: We've been using public-key encryption for years.

Voice from loudspeaker: Your credit card number is your public key. You must disclose it when you use it.

The second man gesticulates.

Second man: Nonsense! If credit card numbers are public keys, then why would anybody steal 40 million of them?

Voice from loudspeaker: That's the beauty of it.

Voice from loudspeaker: It does double duty.

Voice from loudspeaker: Your credit card number is also your private key.

Voice from loudspeaker: That's why we recommend that you keep it private.

The second man is seen clutching at his head with both hands.

Second man: Omigod.

First man: Mr. Schneier?

Second man: I'm speechless.

Voice from loudspeaker: Well, sir, you should be.

Title: 40 Million Credit Cards -- VII.