Remittitur – IV.

(Editor’s note: Dr. Knuth will be back eventually.)

↓ Transcript
Knuth: Young lady, did you just snicker at MIX?

Woman: Oh no, Dr. Knuth! Actually I was imagining you as an expert witness in Joel Tenenbaum's trial. . .

Woman: . . . using MIX code to demonstrate the remittitur infinite loop!

Knuth: Young lady, I can't tell if you are serious. Do you think the RIAA could even make sense of MIX?

Woman: They could have a court interpreter doing MIX-English simultaneous translation. You know, like they do for Spanish-English.

Man: I don't think that would work. MIX is Turing-complete and most English speakers aren't.

Woman: I knew of a guy who was Turing-complete.

Man: Who?

Woman: Alan Turing.

Woman: *Tee-hee!*

Knuth: *Sigh.*