Software Life Cycle.


Editor’s Notes

The Cartoonist assures us that “frustricement” is a real word. Specifically: “Well, it is now.”

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↓ Transcript
Panel heading: STAGE 1: Software Release.


coolprog 1.0

Open source.

No docs yet, only brief release notes. Please volunteer to write docs.

Panel heading: STAGE 2: Frustricement.*

Woman: I love coolprog 1.0 but I need a good tutorial!

Man: Great program but documentation sucks!

Footnote: *Frustration + excitment.

Panel heading: STAGE 3: Determination.

Man: Our Coolprog Documentation Project volunteers will have it fully documented in no time!

Woman: Hurry! I need to process my Ph.D. thesis with coolprog!

Narrator: How do you document something knowing nothing about it? Let me count the ways.

Narrator: Luck.

Woman: Hey look! I accidentally typed -z and got a whole new reverse scaling menu!!

Narrator: Reverse engineering.

Man: I waded through the source code and figured out the scaling features! I think!!

Narrator: Ask the author.

Man: The author answered my email! He said try it and see!!

Narrator: Exhaustive search.

Woman: I searched and I found this hidden option! Let's figure out how to use it!

Narrator: Google.

Man: Google gave me 20,000 hits for “how do you reverse scale with coolprog 1.0”!!

Man: Wait -- all 20,000 are people just asking the same question.

Panel heading: STAGE 4: Triumph.

Man: We did it!! The Project has reached the 80% completion milestone!

Panel heading: STAGE 5: Nirvana.


coolprog 2.0


No docs yet, only brief release notes.

Concluding text: And the software life cycle begins anew.

Title: Software Life Cycle.