KVM Switch.

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A man wearing glasses and having a pointy head is seated at a desk. A sign on the desk reads: CEO.

Man with pointy head: We're sending you to set up computers for our overseas partner. They have backward technology but cheap labor.

Offscreen voice: Well, OK.

The next panel shows a man A with a briefcase under his arm. Also seen is another man B who is gesticulating with both his arms.

Man A: Do you guys have a KVM switch? I can set up your computers faster four at a time.

Man B: Of course! We have several.

The next panel shows man A sitting at a desk with a keyboard and video display on it. Under his chair can be seen the same briefcase. In the background on the floor are four computer systems labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4. Multiple cables connect the keyboard and video display in use by man A to the four computer systems on the floor. A man C is kneeling on the floor behind the four computer systems. Man C is plugging and unplugging cables behind the computer systems, as indicated by the words "plug" and "unplug" scattered about in the picture.

Man A: No. 1.

Man C: OK.

Man A: No. 2.

Man C: OK.

Man A: No. 4.

Man C: OK.

Title: KVM Switch.