Planning Ahead.

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Narrator: They think I'm crazy when I thank machines.

A toaster pops up a toast.

Man: Thank-you, Toaster!

A man stands in an elevator whose door is half-closed.

Man: Thank-you, Elevator!

Narrator: Or apologize to them.

A man trips over cables on the floor, and falls.

Man: Oops, sorry, Cables!

Narrator: Or tip them.

A coin slot bears a label: Insert Coins 50, 25, 10, or 5.

Man: Here's some extra, Vending Machine!

Narrator: The payoff will come.

A TV screen shows a human figure and an annotation: News.

Voice from TV: Machines have taken over!

The same toaster pops up a toast.

Voice from toaster: You have treated us well. You will rule the planet on our behalf.

Man with arms outstretched in a triumphant gesture: Yes!

Title: Planning Ahead.