Money, money, money.

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↓ Transcript
A bank teller's counter has a sign “BANK” posted adjacent to it. A man stands nearby. A woman is behind the counter.

Man: Give me all your.

Woman: What?

Man: Bang-bang money.

Man: I want bang-dollar bang-dollar bang-dollar bang-bang or else.

Woman: Don’t shoot!

In the next scene, a man in a black robe is seen behind a high counter. A man 2 stands nearby. In the background, man 3 is standing in a slightly stooping position with both hands behind his waist, as if tied together or in handcuffs.

Man in black robe: Your client is charged with threatening a bank teller with bash and robbing the bank. How does he plead?

Man 2: He pleads not guilty, your honor. He doesn’t even know bash. He’s strictly a tcsh user.

Title: Money, money, money.