Talented Brains.

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↓ Transcript
The first panel begins with this text within double quotes: “I got this really funny email. It shows a complicated control panel labeled ‘Woman.’”

Below this text is a drawing of a complicated control panel, containing a large number of knobs, dials, indicator lights, and other components. A label reads: Woman.

Below that control panel is another much simpler one, containing only a small indicator light that appears to be lit. A label reads: Man.

The conversation continues in the next panel, in which a man is seated behind the steering wheel in an automobile, and a woman is seated at his side in the passenger's seat.

Woman: ...And it shows a tiny light that goes on or off, labeled “Man.” That is so true!

Man: Not true. And not funny. Consider this modern automobile that we’re about to ride in. It’s not just a car. ...

The dialog continues in the next panel.

Voice from outside the panel: ...At its heart lies a sophisticated computer system, one that senses and decodes five hundred different signals each millisecond, and reoptimizes the engine parameters 50 times a second.

Voice from outside the panel: That advanced control system was designed by brilliant engineers, all men.

A complicated electronic circuit is seen, containing a variety of parts, including transistors, batteries, diodes, light-emitting diodes, resistors, rheostats, and induction coils.

The next panel shows the man and woman again seated inside the automobile.

Man: No tiny light could possibly represent the complexity of the talented brains of those engineers.

Man: Drat!

The woman's head is turned slightly towards the man.

Woman: What’s wrong?

The man's head slightly tilted as if he is looking at something.

Man: It won’t start.

Woman: I think your “check engine” light is on.

Man: Dammit! What idiot designed this dumb “check engine” light? Five hundred sensors and all it does is go on or off! It provides no useful information whatsoever!

Woman: Maybe designed by a guy?

Man: Of course it was designed by a guy! I told you. The engineers that design these high-tech cars are all men.

Man: Oh.

A control panel is seen, nearly identical to the one seen in the first panel, containing a small indicator light that appears to be lit. However, the label now reads: Check Engine.

Title: Talented Brains.