TV Gets Dumber Every Day.

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Panel 1 of 3.

A woman stands at an open door.

Woman: I saw your car. What happened? Your front bumper is all dented.

Panel 2 of 3. A man is comfortably seated on a reclining chair.

Man: The crazy driver ahead of me braked suddenly at a yellow light.

The same woman is now exiting the door.

Woman: Too bad. Anyway, got to rush to my hair appointment.

Panel 3 of 3.

A wide-screen TV set in the background shows a close-up of a woman. The man is seated on the reclining chair and watching TV. A cat is seated on his lap.

Woman on TV screen: Next on this show: cat parasite makes women dress smarter, men drive recklessly.

Man: TV gets dumber every day. Right, Fluffy?

Title: TV Gets Dumber Every Day.