Flashback Malware.

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↓ Transcript
A man, presumably the speaker, stands on what might be a platform or a stage. He stands behind a lectern. A microphone mounted on a microphone stand is nearby. An audience is in attendance.

The speaker holds the microphone stand with his left hand.

Speaker: The Flashback virus proves that Macs get viruses just as often as Windows.

The speaker is now a little closer to the audience, and to the side of the lectern, and away from the microphone. The speaker gesticulates with both arms spread outwards and upwards.

Speaker: We predicted this day decades ago. You need to buy our Mac antivirus software today.

Presumptively male audience member: Would it have blocked Flashback?

The speaker is now behind the lectern with arms lowered.

Speaker: That’s really not the point, sir.

Title: Flashback Malware.