The Oracle of Happiness.

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↓ Transcript
The opening scene shows a woman wearing a crown, having a circular label reading "1st" on her chest, and holding a trophy cup with both hands. Above her hangs a sign with words in a decorative font that read: National Beauty Queen.

Woman: *Sigh.*

In the next scene, the woman is holding the trophy cup in her left hand and the crown in her right, facing away from the viewer and towards a grey shapeless form which could be a large boulder or an opening into a cave. Above this object is an irregular sign, shaped roughly in a quarter circle, which reads: Oracle of Happiness.

Woman: Help! I want to be happy!

The next scene shows a close-up of the back of the woman's head. In the background is the Oracle of Happiness.

The Oracle now speaks.

Oracle: You natural physical beauty makes it impossible.

Oracle: Men want you as their mate. Women want you as their friend.

Oracle: But they put you on a pedestal. Therefore you do not respect them.

Tne next scene shows only the woman's head, viewed from her right.

Woman: Not all do.

Off-panel voice: The few who treat you as an equal leave you frustrated. For you are used to always getting your way, and they won’t let you.

Woman: How can I be happy, then?

The next scene shows the woman as seen from her right, standing again with the trophy cup in her left hand, and the crown in her right hand. The Oracle is again in the background.

Oracle: I can take away your ravishing physical beauty. Not all of it, but enough so you’re one of the crowd.

Woman: And will I be happy then?

The next scene shows only a close-up of the woman's head from her right.

Off-panel voice: No. You will be miserable. You will have to earn the love and devotion of others.

Off-panel voice: You will learn. It will be hard. Someday you will be happy. It will take a while.

The woman's head is slightly bowed.

Woman: *Sigh.*

The final scene is similar to the opening scene. However, the woman is now holding a larger trophy cup, bearing the annotation "1st", in both hands, and wearing a larger and more decorative crown. A sign hangs above with a larger decorative text that reads: International Beauty Queen.

Woman: *Sigh.*

Title: The Oracle of Happiness.