Wine Recipe.

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Panel 1 of 3.

A man stands in the foreground.

In the background are seen two vehicles in states of disorientation. A truck shaped like an oil tanker has a rdioactivity sign on the circular tanker portion. It is lying on the ground crooked as if it has fallen over. Next to it is a vehicle shaped like a van, with wine glasses drawn on its side. This vehicle rests on its side. Lines on the ground suggest that the vehicles are at the edge of a road or highway.

The man speaks into a cellphone: Our wine truck collided with a radioactive supplies truck. All the wine is contaminated!

Panel 2.

A woman stands and points to a writing board. Two men nearby are apparently the woman'a audience. One sits on a chair in front of a computer monitor. The other stands behind him.

The computer monitor sits on a small table and in front of the monitor on the table is a wine glass.

Between the two men and the woman is a small circular table. On the table can be seen a wine bottle and two wine glasses.

The writing board has a forumula on it: N = N0•0.5 ** (T/(243/365.25)).

Woman: Zinc-65 has a half-life of 243 days. It will decay away eventually.

Panel 3.

Narrator: Eventually.

A posted sign in the background displays underlined text in a decorative font: Today’s Special Wine.

Below that is a horizontal line and then handwritten text: Aged 50 years, secret recipe, $5000/bottle.

Three people are sitting at a circular table. On the table is seen a wine bottle and a cork. Each of the three people is holding a raised wine glass.

Man 1: Powerful, zippy.

Man 1: It has a je ne sais quois.

Woman: Makes me feel all tingly.

Title: Wine Recipe.