Expired Session.

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↓ Transcript
A woman sits at a laptop computer.

Woman: Honey, look! I found cheap flights.

On laptop screen: Your session timed out. For your security, we deleted everything.

Woman: Oh, snap!

A close-up view of the woman is seen.

Woman: What a pain to retype everything.

Woman: But I feel safer that my info doesn't stick around forever.

In the next panel, man 1 sits at a laptop and man 2 approaches him from behind.

Narrator: Meanwhile.

Man 2: Marketing wants our tracking cookies to last longer than just a year.

Man 1 is seen leaning towards the laptop and typing on the laptop keyboard, and *CLICK* *CLICK* *CLICK* sounds surround him.

Man 1, apparently looking back with one arm draped over the back of his chair: Done! Expiration date set to 2038. We can track those suckers, I mean website visitors, for the rest of their lives.

Title: Expired Session.