Airline Fare Rules.

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Behind a counter, a sign says: COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT.

Also behind the counter, a man is relaxing in a supine position on some sort of easy chair, with his head resting on his hands.

A woman stands and faces the counter with her hands on her hips.

Woman: I demand to know why you canceled my two one-way tickets to different cities.

In the next panel, only the man is seen, in a closer view. His head is slightly raised and one of his hands is lifted a little higher.

Man: Ma’am, our rules clearly say no open jaw.

Man: Airline policy strictly prohibits open jaw travelers.

The man is now seen in the original relaxed position, his head lowered down again to where it was before.

Man: Now how else may I help you?

The woman's hands are now in a gesticulating orientation.

Woman: Mmmph...Ummmph....thmmph...

Title: Airline Fare Rules.