But You’re a Something.

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↓ Transcript
In the background, a sign reads on two lines as shown below.

First line: Now on Blue Ray's

A man and a woman are standing and looking at the sign.

Woman: I hate that.

Man: Hate Schindler's List? What are you, a Nazi?

In the next panel, the woman is holding a writing implement, and she has scribbled over the trailing apostrophe and s in the first line of the sign.

Woman: Much better.

Man: So you're a Grammar Nazi.

In the third and final panel, a different sign is seen in the background. The woman is seen again with a writing implement in her hand and she has made corrections on the sign. The original sign reads: SALE! Vacuum Cleaner's with hundred's of attachments!

The woman has crossed out the apostrophe in "Cleaner's" and has crossed out the phrase "hundred's of" and replaced it with a boldly written word: "NO".

Woman: Grammar Buddhist, actually.

Title: But You're a Something.