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A man holds a full-sleeve shirt. In the background a small open package is seen.

Man: I ordered a Ruby on Rails T-shirt, and look what I got instead...

Man: ...a full-sleeve shirt with a weird Apache feather on it.

In the next panel a woman is seen examining the full-sleeve shirt. She is extracting a soft shapeless object, which could be another item of clothing, from the neck hole of the full-sleeve shirt.

Woman: Wait, look! Inside there is a flimsy T-shirt.

Woman: Omigod, it's so flimsy, just touching it makes it disintegrate.

In the next panel the man and the woman are engaged in conversation.

Woman: I think they want you to wear the flimsy T-shirt inside the full-sleeve shirt.

Man: That's absurd! I don't want to wear a T-shirt inside a shirt!

The fourth and last panel shows a different scene.

A sign reads: Flimsy T-Shirt Company.

A different man stands with one hand on his waist and the other extended downwards.

Different man: Dress in layers.

Title: T-Shirts.