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A man is behind the steering wheel in a car and a woman is in the passenger's seat adjacent to him.

Man: We're completely lost. There goes the weekend.

Man: I told you not to upgrade your IOS.

Woman: Thank-you, Apple.

In the next panel, the man alone is seen in a close-up view, still behind the steering wheel, now holding a rectangular object in his hands.

Off-panel voice: Can your amazing Android get us out of this mess?

Man: Google says no way to drive out of here.

In the next panel, both the man and the woman are again seen in the car.

Woman: Hah! Google's not so amazing, is it?

Man: Wait! Google's showing mass transit!

In the last and final panel, the car is now seen in the distance, half-sunk into a body of water. Far away, over the horizon, there is a small island with a tree growing on it. Not far from the island and the tree there are birds flying. Inverted reflections of the island, tree, and birds are visible in the water.

Voice 1 from car: Google Maps says there's a ferry service. It passes exactly where we are.

Voice 2 from car: When does it arrive?

Voice 1 from car: Thursday.

Title: Maps.