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A man sees a woman at the door.

Woman: Hi, I'm here to paint the exterior of your house as scheduled.

Man: But you're a woman!

Woman: *Sigh.* Not that worn-out stereotype again.

Woman: Women throughout history have fought wars, made profound discoveries, done great things.

Man: Ah yes, Marie Curie.

Woman: Ah yes, Marie Curie. What about all the others? The unsung heroines?

The woman is now seen by herself. As she speaks, illustrations are seen that accompany her speech.

Woman: Jocelyn Bell, who jump-started modern astronomy? Somebody else got a Nobel Prize for her work.

An illustration is seen in which a small globe is surrounded by two flat circular objects. A ray appears to pass through the globe.

Woman: Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, who blazed the trail for women in the field of medicine? She remains unknown.

A medicine symbol, showing a snake-like creature curled around a vertical rod, is seen.

Woman: Suzanne Vaillancourt, who inspired an international hit song? She ended up homeless.

An old-fashioned record player is seen and near it what might be a logo that takes the form of another stylized record player.

Woman: I'll be outside getting started.

The next panel shows the woman standing at an easel on which a painting of a house can be seen. The woman is holding an artist's palette in one hand and a paintbrush in the other hand. The man stands in the foreground and points towards the woman with one hand.

Man: What on earth are you doing?

Woman: Painting your house like you hired me to do. Why, what?

Man: Oh my god no.

Man: This is wrong! All wrong!

Woman: Why, what?

Man: I should never have let a woman do this!

Woman: Why, what?

The last panel shows the woman alone in close-up.

Off-panel voice: I wanted water-colors.

Woman: Oh. I do only oils. I'll have to send one of the guys.

Title: Stereotypes.