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↓ Transcript
Voice in quotes: “Since I took over as CEO, our stock price has been stagnant.”

A stock chart shows two curves. One, labeled "Our Stock Price", remains flat. The other, labeled "Their Stock Price", goes up by 8000 per cent from left to right.

In the next panel, a voice in quotes says: “A major OS release was a notorious failure. They laughed at us.”

A rectangular screen, presumably a TV screen, shows two human figures.

Figure 1: Hi, I'm a Mac.

Figure 2: And I'm a PC.

Figure 1: *Giggle.*

The next panel shows a building with trees growing in front of it.

Voice from building: We were outmaneuvered in smartphones and tablets.

Voice from building: As CEO, I'm 100% accountable for our successes and failures as a company. No excuses.

The next panel shows a man jumping up near a lectern and a microphone. An audience is in attendance. A stub of hair on the back of the man's head suggests that he is mostly bald.

Man: Every CEO reaches a crossroads where he must ask:

Man: Is it time for me to make the hardest decision of my career?

The next panel shows the same man in a closer view.

Man: Time to make a sacrifice for the good of the company?

Man: And so I have made a difficult decision. History may even call it a courageous decision.

The man appears to be reaching for a panel on which a button labeled "Eject" is seen.

In the next and final panel, an off-panel voice says: Sinofsky is out of here.

A man seated on a chair is seen gesticulating with both arms and legs while he and the chair fall down backwards into a half-open trapdoor whose doors are opening.

Title: CEO.