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An alternative version of this comic will appear on Wednesday 2012-11-28.

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↓ Transcript
A first man on the left holds a pointer and moves it while he points with it to a vertically-mounted chart that contains irregularly-shaped objects. A second man on the right stands and watches.

First man: Let me show you what we found in your MRI.

First man: Feces. Gas. Urine. Bile. Stomach acids. Half-digested food.

In the next panel, a larger view shows only the chart and a portion of the pointer. The pointer is still moving, now pointing to a different location on the chart.

Off-panel voice from the left: Spleen, red pulp, yellow pulp. More gas. More feces--

Off-panel voice from the right: Omigod! Doctor, am I going to die?

The third and final panel shows the first man's head and shoulders in a closer view, with small portions of the chart and the pointer visible near him.

First man: Oh my goodness, no. You're in excellent health.

First man: This is one of the cleanest MRIs I've seen.

Title: MRI.