Null Hypothesis.

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↓ Transcript
A small creature with a Pacman-like head attacks a man. The sound CHOMP! is heard.

Man: Ouch! That hurts!

In the next panel, we see the man leaning back in a chair with his head resting against the wall. A woman with a clipboard in her hand stands nearby.

Woman: Mr. Tech Blogger, the Doctor will see you now.

In the third and final panel, the man is lying on his back on a bed, his head on a pillow. Another man with short hair is seen stooping down and looking towards the head of the man on the bed.

Short-haired man: What bit you in the face?

Man on bed: No idea, Doctor.

Short-haired man: Would you recognize it if it bit you again?

Man on bed: Probably not.

Title: Null Hypothesis.