New Year’s Day Soulmate.

Editor’s Notes

This is an out-of sequence comic to usher in the new year.

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↓ Transcript
A man stands with hands excitedly up in the air.

Man: It's New Year's Day! I feel lucky. The very first girl I see today will be my soulmate.

A woman is seen approaching in the distance.

Man: That's the one!

In the next panel, the woman is standing closer to the man.

Man: Hi! Happy New Year! You don't know me, but you're my soulmate.

Woman: I know.

Man: Will you marry me?

Woman: Of course.

In the third and final panel, the woman is walking away in the distance. The man stands in the foreground, stooping dejectedly.

On the side of the woman's head we see a headset with a blue dot on it.

Voice from headset: Who was that?

Woman: Some creep.

Man: Stupid Bluetooth headset.

Title: New Year's Day Soulmate.