Surveillance Marriage.

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↓ Transcript
A woman stands and gestures with an arm toward a man who stands facing her.

Woman: How dare you record my phone calls. I've never cheated on you. Don't you trust me?

Man: I do trust you. I just save the recordings. That's all.

In the next panel only the man is seen in a closer view. He points forward with one arm and towards himself with the other.

Off-panel voice from the left: Then why?

Man: I will search through the recordings later only if needed.

Man: I'm doing it for us. For our marriage.

In the third and final panel, the woman and man are seen in a slightly closer view. The man has moved forward closer to the woman. The woman stands with her hands on her waist. The man gesticulates towards her with both arms.

Woman: What if you cheat on me?

Man: Now you're just being silly. Husbands never cheat on their wives.

Title: Surveillance Marriage.