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↓ Transcript
A first man in a black robe is sitting behind a raised counter, as if in a courtroom. In the foreground, a short-haired second man stands with hands behind him in handcuffs. A third man stands facing the second man.

Third man: Defendant collected email addresses from AT&T's website, your honor. He deserves severe prison time.

In the next panel, only the short-haired man in handcuffs and the third man are seen, in a slightly closer view.

Short-haired man in handcuffs: But email addresses are just metadata! Where's the harm?

Third man: Young man, you're about to learn...

In the third and final panel, only a close-up view of the third man is seen. His hands are on his waist.

Third man: ...that only we in the government get to play the metadata card.

Title: Metadata.