Getting It.

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↓ Transcript
A man and a woman are engaged in conversation over three panels.

Woman: Explain to me again why you won't let me flush the toilet?

Woman: And why our A/C is off in this heat?

Woman: And why you won't let me use my cellphone?

Woman: And why we unplugged our Internet?

Woman: And what is that crap on our lawn?

The fourth panel shows the exterior of a house. Nearby, an odd-looking irregular object is seen, which bears irregular shapes that resemble a human face.

Voice 1 from house: It's my art. It's only for a week.

Voice 2 from house: But why?

Voice 1 from house: I told you.

The fifth and final panel shows the man and the woman again.

Man: We're simulating Burning Man.

Woman: I don't get it.

Man: Not everyone gets Burning Man.

Woman: I am not surprised.

Title: Getting It.