So You Think You Can Program.

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↓ Transcript
On the screen of a wide-screen TV set are seen the words: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN PROGRAM.

A woman's head is visible in a close-up view.

Woman: Look! A computer programming contest on Prime Time TV!

The next panel shows the woman seated in a comfortable chair looking at the TV set.

Woman: You know, I've waited all my life for this.

Woman: Finally computer programming is being recognized for the fine art that it is.

The next panel shows the TV set and a man standing. On the TV set a figure of a man is seen apparently upside down and at an angle.

Off-panel voice: Wha--? What on earth are the programmers doing?

Man: Acrobatics and somersaults, I think. But why?

The next and final panel shows the woman's head, and the standing man, both looking at the TV set. The TV set shows a man apparently performing a somersault.

Man: Oh, I get it! The winning scores are heavily based on audience response.

Title: So You Think You Can Program.