40 Million Credit Cards — II.

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↓ Transcript
Narrator: Elsewhere.

A closed door has a sign on it: PRIVATE.

Voice from closed door: So should we accept dollars?

Voice from closed door: They have an odd system.

The next panel shows woman 1 standing in the background; and man 1, man 2, woman 2, and man 3 seated at a circular table. The conversation between them spans several panels.

Woman 1: They use a so-called credit card info string.

Man 2: Like a bitcoin address?

Woman 1: Like a bitcoin address in a bizarro world.

Woman 1: You know how in our normal world it's always the bitcoin sender who initiates a payment?

Off-panel voice: Naturally. It's the sender's money.

Woman 1: In their bizarro world, the recipient initiates a withdrawal from a sender's credit card info string.

Man 2: That's absurd.

Man 3: But the sender must approve it first?

Off-panel voice: The sender doesn't even know of the withdrawal until afterwards.

Woman 2: Are they nuts?

The next panel takes the form of a scene enclosed by a thought bubble.

Woman in thought bubble, holding a document in her hands: Why are there so many porn sites on this statement?

Bespectacled man in thought bubble: What? No! I don't remember any.

Woman in thought bubble: I'm sure you don't.

The next and final panel returns to the previous scene, now showing only woman 1.

Woman 1: Any recipient who knows a sender's credit card info can withdraw any amount from the sender's account.

Off-screen voice: Are they nuts?

Title: 40 Million Credit Cards -- II.