40 Million Credit Cards — III.

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↓ Transcript
In the first panel, woman 1 speaks.

Woman 1: You know how anyone can easily vandalize a Wikipedia article?

Woman 1: This is by design.

Woman 1: The liberal editing policy lets Wikipedia improve rapidly.

The next panel takes the form of a fantasy bubble. Inside the bubble a man sits at a computer.

Man at computer: Somebody vandalized this Wikipedia page. No problem, I'll revert it.

Man at computer: Done! Now I'll improve this article.

The next panel begins with the narrator's observation.

Narrator: But does it make sense to run a payment system that way?

A woman 2 is on the phone.

Woman 2: Sorry to bother you. I see credit card charges that I don't recognize.

No bother, ma'am. Undoing charges is my full-time job. Which ones are unauthorized?

Woman 2: I've been shopping so much I can't be sure. Doesn't your computer know?

Voice from phone: No, ma'am. That's your responsiblity.

In the next panel, a computer screen is seen that shows an indecipherable string ending with the legible characters: .onion.

Also on the screen is a small image resembling an onion.

Also on the screen can be seen the words: 40 million credit cards for sale..........

Woman 2 has the phone.

Voice from phone: Our job is to run an open, Wikipedia-like, nurturing environment that encourages participation by a global community.

Voice from phone: Vandalism of your credit card account by random strangers is allowed by design. We'll revert it only if you can identify it.

Woman 2 spreads her arms and brandishes the phone.

Woman 2: Are they nuts?

Title: 40 Million Credit Cards -- III.