Comcast and Netflix.

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↓ Transcript
A newspaper heading says in a large serif font: Netflix Forced to Pay Comcast.

Below this the text, also in a serif font, reads:

“They send us many GB. We send them very few. It’s not fair to us.” -- Comcast.

The next panel shows a man with a pointer standing near a microphone and a lectern. On the screen behind him a diagram shows, with arrows, the flow of both "GB" and "$" from Netflix to Comcast.

Man with pointer: The money follows the traffic. It’s only fair.

The next and final panel shows a similar scene. The screen now shows the flow of both "GB" and "$" from Comcast to Customer.

Man with pointer: And the more our own customers download--

Man with pointer: Oops, wrong slide.

Title: Comcast and Netflix.