Best Web Browser Extension

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↓ Transcript
A woman is seated at a table and is using a laptop computer. A man stands behind her.

Woman: That extension you recommended--

Man: To block ads and other junk?

Woman: And you said no false hits.

The next panel shows only a computer screen.

Of-panel voice: Look. HuffPost. Forbes. Big chunks missing.

Off-panel voice: And this one website is completely blank.

The computer screen shows what might be the address bar of a web browser. In the address bar can be seen a domain:

The next and final panel shows the man and the woman again.

Man: Works great, doesn’t it?

The woman is now facing the man, standing up with her back towards the laptop computer, and hugging and presumably kissing the man.

Woman: Oh thank-you, thank-you! I have my sanity back.

Title: Best Web Browser Extension.