Flawed Methodology.

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↓ Transcript
A man and a woman are seated across a table. The man, viewed from his back, holds an open newspaper. The woman holds a beverage mug in her hand.

Man: You know how Nate Silver’s predictions always come true?

Woman: So?

The next panel shows only the man as seen from his front, still seated at the table, and still holding the newspaper, now spread out in his hands. A beverage mug rests on the table. The title of the newspaper reads in a decorative font: The New York Times.

Man: Paul Krugman the famous writer says Silver uses seriously flawed methodology.

The third and final panel shows only the man, still holding the newspaper, in a closer view.

Off-panel voice: What’s Krugman predicting?

Man: Nothing.

Title: Flawed Methodology.